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getting a new hyperfixation is just my brain SCREECHING endlessly 

i am ready for death

i was this close to tearing my keyboard asunder but im good now 👌

chaotic energy increase 。。。༼;´༎ຶ۝ ༎ຶ༽

todays mood is tumultuous

Snorkmaiden and some of her feelings - doodleboogle

Some snorkmaidens from my sketchbook, enjoy !


//claps hands together//
I'm very excited to show you my oc tonight-
been meaning to upload her for a while but artblock(tm) - quick info below

Her name is Quinton, mix native american, tall as shit, bout 3rd year in highschool.
she's into wrestling and she's so determined to win championship

she loves making people smile, makes someone day if theyre down.
always make a witty jokes, even when their embarrassing for others but what can they do

should really write her bg but i suck at writing hh

impossible-pie -

iced coffee is keeping me alive

impossible-pie -

@quiptart that is sad, i'd send you some but ive drank all the iced coffee i had uwu

impossible-pie -

actually an american friend of mine told me that you cant buy bottles of iced coffee in america save for like starbucks, is that the go for everyone there?

impossible-pie -

@naiad yeah thats basically what my friend said, we got a lot of options for iced coffee here though like

(fun fact i saved an empty bottle of dare that has a misspelled label)

actually an american friend of mine told me that you cant buy bottles of iced coffee in america save for like starbucks, is that the go for everyone there?


im really happy with how this turned out!

i just watched invader zim enter the florpus and !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! aaaaaaa it was SO good!! the animation was AMAZING and so was the voice acting and it was really really good!!!!
makes me want to watch the show again ヽ( 'ω' ヽ三 ノ'ω' )ノ


Wizard Cookie

so I’ve been playing this one app game...

i cant seem to wake up today, is it fatigue? is it brain fog? more at 6

i sketched out some aggretsuko stuff but then i went right back to drawing moomin

sketching out something detailed then realising you have to outline that is just


Really wanted to revamp/redraft my first ever dnd character - more info below

His name is Ravius, he was originally a Human Paladin but chosing another class for him, but for now it's necromancer for the time being-
(or til i find a right class for his situation of his bg im still new to dnd bg n class n stuf)

The drawing on the right is a spirit of a child named Toel/Teal that haunts him after his error long ago as a young bandit/criminal, and is trying to make his ways to get this spirit to leave him alone.
a fiesty little thing to be honest, would be quite helpful with learning new stuff 

But im still rough drafting how this comes to be

crack my psyche open and drink it like a coconut

sad bc i have to use all of my savings for my car rego, i mean thats what i was saving for to begin with but its still sad that i have to do that ( ˘•ω•˘ ).。oஇ


took a little break from working on things to draw this, its nothing spectacular but i really feel this

i cant believe silly facial expressions i posted on twitter landed me a commission

i would post em here but it may curse waterfall

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wall market; @vii

i finished it! i already actually lined and coloured it once here but i wasn't happy with it. i think i'm happier with it now!

i redesigned cloud's dress for my fanfic bc i hate the dress on his in-game model (and the braids lmao), and just did the other two from memory \o/

gonna go interrogate a slum lord